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PacificEX is the Australian distributor for Rechner Sensors who have an extensive range of capacitive, inductive and capacitive level measurement products with IECEx approval for use in hazardous areas.

Traditionally, Ex approved sensors have all been intrinsically safe and required the use of a barrier between the hazardous area and safe zone. This is no longer a requirement as Rechner has Zone 1/Zone 20 24VDC powered sensors with standard PNP or NPN outputs which can be wired directly into input cards without the need for a barrier. This not only cuts down on costs, but also frees up valuable cabinet space and eliminates the need for intrinsically safe wiring.

In addition to standard capacitive and inductive sensors, Rechner also manufactures IECEx approved capacitive level measurement systems and IS barriers.

PacificEX also distribute Balluff IECEx approved linear transducers which are suitable for use in level and positioning applications.