Conduit Glands

is the revolutionary method for installing barrier glands. The gland utilises a liquid pour resin seal, that vastly reduces installation time and associated costs. This solution is particularly effective on multicore cables where traditional compound is difficult and time consuming to apply.

PXRC-REX – Conduit Connection Barrier Cable Gland

CMP Type PXRC-REX Triple Certified Flameproof (Type ‘d’), Increased Safety (Type ‘e’) indoor and outdoor cable gland for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 Hazardous Areas with all types of unarmoured cable housed in rigid conduit systems. The cable gland provides a barrier seal around the cable conductors and is equipped with a rotating female connection for ease of conduit installation.

The CMP PXRC-REX Conduit Connection Cable Gland is suitable for use with all forms of equipment protection permitted in Zone 1, Zone 2 , Zone 21 & Zone 22 provided always that the prevailing code of practice for selection and installation is observed, e.g. IEC 60079-14.