Product news: Raytec’s new SPARTAN High Power Floodlight helps reduce maintenance costs

Posted in: Product News on May 16th, 2018

As the Australian Partner for Raytec’s SPARTAN hazardous areas lighting range, Pacific Automation is now stocking the new SPARTAN High Power Floodlight, which offers spectacular lumen output, flexibility during installation and easier maintenance.

Integrating the latest Platinum Elite Multi-Core SMT LEDs with Raytec’s field-proven LED management and optic technology, the floodlight delivers spectacular lumen output from a compact, lightweight fitting.

Delivering up to 27,500 lumens, these high-power floodlights are Raytec’s most powerful luminaire to date.








Designed for large and open hazardous areas which require high-performance, high-reliability, White-Light illumination, its key features include:

  • Modular design – flexibility during installation and easy maintenance throughout the product’s life
  • Removable PSU – can be located remotely from the light engine
  • Accessible wiring and serviceable parts – quicker and easier installation, servicing and inspection
  • Globally certified for all Zone 1 applications (Zone 2 variants available)
  • Ultra-long-life LED technology
  • High lumen output LED
  • Extreme durability and toughness
  • Wide operating temp -50° to +50°
  • DALI/dimming as standard
  • Remote power supply variants available
  • CoolXtrude™ thermal management technology – ensures a lifetime of 10 years+
  • 5-year warranty

Wide range of beam patterns

With a wide range of beam patterns available, the SPARTAN High Power Floodlight supports diverse applications. The directional nature of its LEDs, along with the dedicated stirrup bracket, allows you to tilt and position the light into the required space – delivering maximum light where it is needed most.

Download the product guide here or read the full white paper here.

As with all our products, Pacific Automation’s technical team is on hand to provide the latest information and answer any technical or application questions.

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