Lower Operational Costs with PlexPower Panelboards

Posted in: Product News on November 9th, 2016


PlexPower™ Panelboards use circuit breaker modules that provide explosionproof protection for standard off-the-shelf breakers – eliminating the need for a heavy cast enclosure.

PlexPower™ Panelboards are lighter in weight than traditional cast enclosures. They can be coupled in horizontal or vertical orientations to accommodate almost any footprint. No hard wiring or looping – an integral hard drawn, tin plated copper bus bar provides exceptional corrosion resistance and offers greater flexibility for expansion and upgrades while eliminating wire stresses and improving short circuit withstand capabilities.



85% LOWER OPERATIONAL COSTS09712e19-41a5-4eed-b1cb-a2bf2ef9cd00

PlexPower™ Panelboards are quicker and easier to install, operate, upgrade and maintain, delivering substantial savings compared to the total ownership costs of a traditional cast and bolted panelboard.