Zone 2 / 21 Hazardous Area Lighting

Posted in: Product News on November 15th, 2012

Heavy Duty, Nonmetallic Lighting  |  Standard & Emergency Back-up  |  Zone 2 - 21 & 22

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Hazardous Area compliance is a requirement for industries dealing with explosive gases and dusts. Safe operation of electrical equipment in these environments requires special protection techniques. Understanding both the protection techniques and associated certification is one part of the process but it is also important to have equipment fit for purpose.

Heavy Duty, Nonmetallic Lighting  |  Standard & Emergency Back-up  |  Zone 2 - 21 & 22Most Zone 2 / 21 fluorescent light fittings are very basic. The Appleton ATX FNB Zone 2/21 Fluorescent fitting is in a class of its own. Packed with features to ensure a long life with easy maintenance the Appleton ATX FNB includes the following:

  • Practically indestructible hinged polycarbonate diffuser
  • Built in isolation switches to enable opening without isolating the entire lighting circuit
  • Patented vibration resistant spring loaded lamp holders
  • Unique single point opening via allen key or screw driver that interlocks the safety switches when lens is opened
  • Hinged multi-parabolic polycarbonate reflector for increased lumen output
  • Emergency units with LED battery indication that also perform a monthly self-test

These are the types of features you would find in a Zone 1 fitting but come at a Zone 2/21 price and are currently in stock at Pacific Automation offering a fast turnaround.

The Appleton ATX FNB fitting has been very successful in operations around Australia where light circuits have multiple lights. These have included indoor applications such as tunnels and storage facilities where there is little to no natural light. The unique isolation switches allows maintenance on the fitting without isolating the whole circuit, therefore eliminating the need for emergency and / or temporary lighting. This also removes the safety and risk concerns associated with lighting maintenance.

Many operations around Australia are already using the ATX FNB Zone 2/21 fitting in environments such as grain, coal, power generation and petrochemical industries. For a viewing, more information or to obtain a quote contact PacificEX on (08) 9414 7999 or email

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