Hadar Launch LED Emergency Floodlights for Hazardous Areas

Posted in: Product News on September 30th, 2011

Hadar Lighting, the specialist manufacturer of lighting for Hazardous Areas and part of the Ashington-based A-Belco Group, have launched the new HDL106E LED emergency floodlights for use in Hazardous Areas.

Designed specifically for stairwells, muster areas, lifeboat stations and other critical zones in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas which require large amount of light when normal power supplies fail. The lights have recently received third party certification through SIRA for both ATEX and IEC Ex applications.

Weighing just 9 kgs, the units can be set up in single, double or even triple arrays with the amount of light generated able to be pre-set dependant on individual requirements.

To find out more about the new HDL106E LED Emergency Floodlight or to discuss other Hazardous Area requirements, contact PacificEX on +61 (0) 89414 7999 or email sales@pacificex.com.au.

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